Cloud vs. On-premise


Cloud option is a subscription-based license. You continue using the Case UI platforms as long as you have an active subscription. Updates, security, and backups are handled by Case UI. You always own your data and can export it out if you cancel your subscription.

Technical Requirements:

None! Just a web browser.


Unlike the Cloud option, the On-premise option is not a subscription. It is a perpetual license. You get an instance of Case UI to install locally in your office environment. Purchase of a perpetual license grants you access to Case UI releases made available between the date of purchase and the end of the update period (12 months) forever. Any product updates released after the expiration date will require a purchase of a Version Update plan at $899.00/year. Updates may include major and minor features, bug fixes, and product enhancements.

Technical Requirements:

Some knowledge of networking and database backup is necessary. Please read the Case UI Installation Guide.

Updated on July 12, 2021