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You work hard for your clients and your data. That’s why we created Case UI to make your days better. With it, you can manage clients, cases, and all of the data you need to run a successful legal practice, all while helping your clients get what they deserve. Whether you’re a solo attorney or a large law firm, there’s a perfect way for you to use Case UI.

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Use our cloud service or deploy privately in your office

Advanced Security*

Secured by industry-standard SSL security. All access to your data is password-protected in your own dedicated database isolated from other customers for an added layer of security. Only US-based servers and databases. Daily backups of your data ensures fast disaster recovery.

Easy to use interface

Easily navigate case and client details with intuitive and simple interface. Manage case details, documents, tasks, clients, and billing in one simple legal case management system. Control how to view and manage your data with advanced filtering, sorting, grouping and search capabilities.

Simple & Detailed Billing

Create invoices, record payments, print in PDF/MS Word. Monitor all outstanding and overdue invoices. Download invoices as a PDF or MS Word file. Email invoices to clients. Simple tracking for flat fee or hourly billing. Invoice filtering by status, balance, client, case, and more.

Real-time Insights

Get insights into your cases using clean and elegant charts. Filter and sort your chart. Understand where your clients come from using Map view of your clients.

Conflict of Interest Check

Easily execute a search across all of your clients and cases to identify any possible conflict of interest for clients or any other entities.

Amazingly Responsive

Case UI’s responsive design adapts to your device whether you are at your computer or on your phone from anywhere whether you are in the office or on the road.*

Firm Workload Tracking

Assign cases and tasks to employees. Monitor task progress per case, client or employee

Import & Export Data

Import your spreadsheets into Case UI. Export your Case UI data out to keep on hand or integrate with other apps.

Knowledgable Support

Technical Support is handled directly by the Case UI developer(s) via email only. Initial response time of 8 hours or less.

* Available for Cloud option only.
      – Customer is responsible for security and backup in on-premise deployment.
      – Additional network setup is required in on-premise deployment.

Case UI Affordable Digital Transformation